My latest CD, A World That Swings, will take you deeper and more squarely into the world of jazz and standards than my last recording which journeyed between both pop and jazz. But to be sure you will still at times hear my love of classic pop and a musical sensibility from that world. Whether swinging a standard or giving you my jazz-influenced interpretation of a pop classic, in my music I am always interested in keeping it different and fresh. more


Jazz Review

Suvalsky has the promise of achieving iconic status.

Blues News Finland

Surely on the same road as Torme and Sinatra...as good as Buble and Connick, Jr. and perhaps nicer to listen to.

Bottom Line Magazine

Suvalsky swings with the best of them, them being Torme, Sinatra, Vaughan and Fitzgerald.


New Release: The Curtain

My latest single, The Curtain, is now available on iTunes!



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