I am proud and excited for you to listen to Helplessly, from the album Summer Songs. The message and intent of the 6 songs on the album are simple: love and light set to music, all straight from the heart. Always with a sense of playfulness and the universal joy of love found, or anticipated. The idea of an endless, dreamy summer, with the promise of romance to carry into the year to come, has always been an enticing idea... one which I hope captivates you in this collection of 'Summer Songs.'

In each CD there are influences from a number of great singer-song writers, vocalists and composers - Carol King, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, and a new favorite, the mesmerizing English export, Adele, as well as Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Oscar Peterson, Dinah Washington, Tony Bennett and my life-long favorite Ella Fitzgerald. One of the finest musicians of the 20th Century, both technically and expressively, a daily dose of Ella’s vocals energizes and endlessly inspires me. I am always learning new ways of approaching a song or arrangement by listening or YouTube-ing her studio and live performance recordings.

So please take a tour of my website, enjoy my music and if you like send me a note. I would love to know you have been here and I welcome your thoughts. Also, always check back for regular updates of my performances. It would be great to see you there.

I am also passionately committed to art of another form. If you are interested in looking at my interior design work, please check out my portfolio at Andrew Suvalsky Designs. If you do take a side journey, make sure to come back to this site, as there’s much I want to share with you about my music. Thanks!