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In the mood for love from all sides? This CD just may be perfect for you. On this CD, Suvalsky sings about every possibility of love. You will find yourself, fondly, affectionately, and even emotionally, attached. …because of the strong sense of emotion, heart and feeling in his music. All can (relate), and that is what makes his music so affective to his listeners. If he is not (yet) a favorite, once you have experienced his music he will be.
—Alona Washburn,
Andrew Suvalsky deserves to be commended on this debut. He truly shines on the jazz standards. He takes on “Alright, Okay, You Win” masterfully, lending it a bluesy feel that gives him a lot of opportunities to show his chops. His spirited performance on Cole Porter's obscure “You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To” is remarkable. So is the Earl Brent/Matt Dennis tune “Angel Eyes,” featuring a very good, down-to-the-basics piano and vocal combination (with great playing by pianist Wells Hanley)—which is appropriate for a song that was immortalized by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Sinatra. I can't help but hope that Suvalsky graces us with a complete jazz album, which would make him a welcome addition to the world of male vocalists.
—Ernest Bartledes, All About Jazz
An effervescent fusion of classic pop, jazz, and blues, the album, at once versatile, sexy, inviting, intimate and upbeat, owes its success to the artist’s versatile voice. His performances are so vibrant it’s as if he is in the room, personally serenading you.
—Rachel Stillman, Edge New York
Suvalsky brings a certain laid back relaxed jazz tinged style to the proceedings...the production, backing vocals even the atmosphere are smooth and polished. Vintage Pop and Jazz Sides hints at what deeper treasure trove Suvalsky can mine in his next release.
—Kurt von Behrmann, Associate Editor, Outlook Arizona

Hunky, stubbly Andrew Suvalsky has been performing his mix of pop, rock and jazz tunes in New York with sets that routinely level the field between musical genres, with the common threads of well-crafted songs and (his) "white chocolate" voice pulling everything together.

Suvalsky's voice is rich and mellow, capable of great range and depth. He moves effortlessly from soul to rock to jazz. ...Andrew's blue-eyed soul shines on tracks like "We're in This Love Together" and Roy Orbison's "Crying."

Laid out as a lose song cycle, the mood shifts to classic rock...into a jazz set (with songs) that are all classy, respectful interpretations of old favorites.

This is a fun album with a bold ambition to prove that a quality song is worthy of attention, regardless of genre. Suvalsky is a vocal talent to be reckoned with, and if this debut album is any indication, he will create ripples far and wide.

—Ames, Stonewall News Northwest
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