A World That Swings follows the successful 2006 release of my debut CD, Vintage Pop and the Jazz Sides. Each album has influences from a number of great singer-song writers, vocalists and composers – Carol King, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, and a new favorite, the mesmerizing English export, Adele, as well as Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Oscar Peterson, Dinah Washington, Tony Bennett and my life-long favorite Ella Fitzgerald.

It gives me great pleasure to present to you these recordings. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have recording them.

Summer Songs

Arrived! The message and intent of these 6 songs is simple: love and light set to music, all straight from the heart. Always with a sense of playfulness and the universal joy of love found, or anticipated. The idea of an endless, dreamy summer, with the promise of romance to carry into the year to come, has always been an enticing idea... one which I hope captivates you in this collection of 'Summer Songs.'

Helplessly & The Crush I have a more than a little experience (before settling happily into a long-term relationship) with having very powerful crushes. Truthfully I had them both for boys and girls, depending on some quality I experienced from the person. It all comes down to my having a very active, romantically inclined view of relationships. When someone captured my attention it could feel so potent and, even without knowing them, my very active imagination filled in all the blanks of who they were, how they'd act, and the great affair I was sure we were destined to have.

My Sweet Lord I've always been interested and attracted to finding universal truths that are shared by everyone, regardless of religion or any other apparent differenced, so I loved covering this song because I really felt George Harrison was singing about something spiritual and eternal. This song always moves me.

One Shot As powerful as the crushes I've experienced have been, I've also felt the intensity of something more urgent... like like some itch that has to be scratched. Nothing crazy, just that undeniable attraction towards something you're won't give up on until they notice you back.

My Song Life's journey. What else can I say?

If You Really Love Somebody The idea that if you love someone and are willing to set them free to encourage them to be the very best they can be, has always seemed so powerful. Really the epitome of strength and certainty. It makes so much sense but at the same time, so much easier said than done.

A World That Swings

Arrived! A World That Swings. The title of this, my second recording, borrowed from one of the CD’s many swinging tracks is an expression of a personal notion that a musical and swinging world is just the place we would all like to live in. Like the title suggests this recording aims to sweep you into an up-tempo and swinging musical landscape. With more than a few classics and a couple of hot Brazilian jazz tracks, the song list also references my love of classic 60s pop with the inclusion of an unexpected Beatles’ classic.

September 2008, LML Music A World That Swings

Vintage Pop and the Jazz Sides

My debut CD, Vintage Pop and the Jazz Sides is a compilation blending the musical worlds of jazz and pop. This collection includes songs immortalized by amazing vocalists that have inspired me as well as some original material such as "Close to Me." Here I explore ways of mixing styles to create something new. It's my hope that you'll hear something fresh and unique.

May 2006, LML Music Vintage Pop and the Jazz Sides